Our Leadership

Stan V. Ross
Executive Director


Stan is the Executive Director of the Positive Influence Team (PIT), helping to build relationships with youth and adults by shifting them towards a constructive and fulfilling lifestyle through positive transformation, personal development, education, awareness, and engagement. Stan provides group mentoring and coaching to those transitioning from confinement back into the community. He focuses on client’s strengths and help them find their inner power to succeed and move forward.  Stan also provides relationship training to offender/Probation Officers to bridge the communication gap.

He was the recipient of the 2016 “Saving our City” Award recognizing his philanthropic efforts and the 2014 Medical Mutual Pillar Award for Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year. Stan serves as a master trainer, coach, facilitator, and mentor with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Cincinnati Federal Mentoring/Re-Entry Program, and the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Program. Stan served as a consultant, facilitator, and motivational speaker with engagements at the Southern District of Ohio and Eastern District of Kentucky for the 6th and 7th Circuit Chief and Deputy Chief Training in Cincinnati and the National Network of Safe Communities in New York, the Ohio Crime Conference in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, seminars on Preventing Gang Violence at the University of Cincinnati and seminars at the Cincinnati Police Department’s Training Academy.

Stan served as the Manager of the Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV). CIRV was a multi-agency and community collaborative effort initiated in 2007 designed to reduce gun violence and associated homicides quickly and dramatically in the City of Cincinnati. After the 2001 riots in Cincinnati, Stan was instrumental in creating the Youth Street Worker Program as the Coordinator/Project Manager of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission.

Stan served as a Skills Partner for the Cincinnati Collective Learning Center (CCLC), an organization that assisted families in the Hamilton County area with Welfare Reform.  Before joining CCLC, he was previously employed by the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, Hillcrest Training School Educational Services, where he provided conflict resolution as facilitator for cognitive skills groups.

Stan attended Tennessee State University and continues his education by attending various training courses, workshops, and seminars.  He is a 2008 graduate of the Urban League’s African American Leadership Development Program, Class XV, and a 2007 graduate of the Cincinnati Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.  In March 2001, he received his State Certification as a Case Manager and his certification as a “Train the Trainer in 1999.  He is a member of the Adult Juvenile Jail Clergy, Council of Christian Communions of Greater Cincinnati.  He served on the Board for the Ex-Offender Task Force and the Southern Ohio Region Workforce Policy Board’s Youth Council.

About Our Youth and Adult Mentoring Program

Founded in 2011, Positive Influence Team (PIT) is dedicated to reducing youth and young adult violence and bullying, and being a performance-based and results-driven organization. Our youth and adult mentoring program is an integral part of the success of the internationally acclaimed Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV), which included a 38 percent reduction in the number of Group/Gang Member Involved (GMI) homicides according to the University of Cincinnati Policing Institute (UCPI).

The process of our youth and adult mentoring program includes establishing trust-building steps with our youth clients while fostering transformational relationships. We focus on our clients’ strengths and help them find their inner power to succeed and move forward.

Because of our close relationships, we have even been asked to advocate for the students. We stand beside them providing guidance to help them to express their views, and make their own decisions and contributions in the areas of education, housing, and the legal system.

How PIT Works

The PIT Team engages and connects with youth and young adults to shift their attitudes and behaviors towards achieving a positive and fulfilling lifestyle. We believe in reversing negative peer pressure through positive exposure to people, places, ideas, and ways of thinking. Through education, mentoring, and coaching our youth and adult mentoring program creates a foundation for sustainable change. With a team of talented presenters, we also provide group motivational speaking to plant seeds for positive change.

As each youth and young adult experiences sustainable positive transformation the mission of our violence intervention program is to reduce community violence gains momentum.

PIT Key Focus Areas:

  • Reducing and preventing violence and bullying
  • Increasing emotional and social skills
  • Developing character strengths
  • Deprogramming negative/violent thinking and behaviors
  • Fostering a sense of connectedness to humanity
  • Understanding and appreciating cultural diversity
  • Building community and civic engagement

PIT Fundamental Beliefs:

Untapped Greatness – exists in our community, from
youth to adults
Unique Gifts and Talents – are present in each
person, yet some are unaware of what lies within
Working Together – we all win when inner excellence
is tapped to achieve goals and dreams