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Reducing youth violence through positive transformation

Positive Youth and Adult Mentoring for Schools and Organizations

Group Coaching / Mentoring Violence Intervention & Prevention Training Speaker Benefits for Youth and Young Adults Increased academic motivation and performance Improved emotional and social

Group Coaching / Mentoring

Group Coaching / Mentoring By building relationships with our participants, our group mentoring for at-risk youth and adults helps them develop and focus on goals…

Violence Intervention & Prevention

Our positive youth and adult mentoring program helps students cope with, and prevent bullying and gun violence, and strengthens their emotional, social, and decision-making skills.…


Our positive youth and adult mentoring provides a train-the-trainer program to equip mentors, educators and trainers with effective tools and methods to make any kind…


I unify those being restored and those who serve them so that all parties feel respected and true transformation can occur. The Power of Your…

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Please help us reduce violence in the community by positively transforming the behaviors and actions of at-risk youth and young adults. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Positive Influence Team relies on you as an individual, foundation or corporation to

About Us

Founded in 2011, Positive Influence Team (PIT) is dedicated to reducing youth and young adult violence and bullying, and being a performance-based and results-driven organization. Our youth and adult mentoring program is an integral part of the success

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