Benefits for Youth and Young Adults

  • Increased academic motivation and performance
  • Improved emotional and social skills
  • Better decision-making skills and outcomes
  • Improved ability to resist peer pressure
  • Enhanced conflict-resolution skills
  • Increased optimism about the future

Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Program

Violence has a crippling and rippling effect on our families, communities, schools, businesses, and churches. Through education and awareness, our violence intervention program is paramount with today’s at-risk youth and young adults. The Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Program is designed to prevent, reduce and intervene bullying and gun violence towards youth and young adults so that they will not become victims or perpetrators.

This violence intervention program curriculum addresses the realities behind the domestic, cultural, and mental health issues that influence the beliefs, thinking, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors associated with legal and illegal gun possession and violence.

Our curriculum is an innovative, engaging, and interactive program that teaches students to resolve conflict and anger issues by addressing their feelings and shifting their perspectives about their world, peers, and ultimately themselves in a positive direction. Our positive youth and adult mentoring helps students understand the responsibility they have towards school and public safety.

This violence intervention program is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of educational and professional institutions, social and criminal justice systems, and faith-based, community, and civic service groups. Customized, effective programs can be developed for any time frame, such as our most requested below:

  • 1-day workshop
  • 2-day workshop
  • 12 weeks of 1-hour sessions


We provide a train-the-trainer program for mentors, trainers, and educators to learn our proven methodology, tools, and tactics for group sessions and team building so that they, in turn, can train their organization’s members. Participants learn to conduct group sessions that are both fun and functional. The training sessions can be onsite or via webinars.

Group Coaching / Mentoring

Our youth and adult mentoring program coaches participants on ways to focus on their goals and dreams while accentuating their strengths to help them live a life of meaning and purpose.

Our group mentoring for at-risk youth and adults helps build relationships over time by providing assistance, support, and guidance through challenging situations while helping the participant grow into their next stage of personal development.

Circle of Influence

Our group Circle of Influence team of talented, motivational speakers plant seeds for positive change through our group presentations by discussing their personal stories about how they were able to transform their lives and achieve their goals.