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Reducing youth violence through positive transformation

Angela Chang & Stan Ross Address Youth Justice on ‘Cincinnati Edition’

In a compelling segment on Cincinnati Edition, HCPD’s Angela Chang teamed up with Stan Ross, Executive Director of the Positive Influence Team, to shed light on a pressing issue: kids involved in car thefts and their journey through the juvenile justice system.

With a focus on understanding the dynamics behind juvenile offending, Angela and Stan delved into what happens when these young individuals enter the juvenile court system, exploring the factors driving their behavior and the challenges they face.

Highlighting the innovative approach of Stan’s Credible Messenger program, the discussion offered hope and solutions for addressing youth offending and reducing recidivism rates.

Listeners can catch the full segment here and learn more about the Positive Influence Team by visiting the link right here. Join us in supporting initiatives that make a positive impact on our youth and communities.

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