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Reducing youth violence through positive transformation

NABCJ – Advocating Transparent Justice and Accountability in the Criminal Justice System

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Workshop Title: Behavior Intervention, De-escalation, Staff Created Jeopardy
Presenter(s): Annette Chambers-Smith, Director, Ohio Department Rehabilitation & Correction and Jocelyn Lowe, Chief Legal Counsel, Ohio Department Job and Family Services
Description: There are shifting policies regarding behavioral intervention and this workshop will be an opportunity to hear where Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is, where we are going and why. Questions will be answered so come prepared to dialogue.

Workshop Title: Beauty Between the Thorns: The Hidden Goodness in Life’s Painful Experiences
Presenter(s): Marica Phipps, Founder & CEO Battered Not Broken, Inc & amp: All Good Things Life, LLC
Description: True transformation occurs in the process, not the result; transformation is an inside job and transition is the process that gets us there. Beauty Between the Thorns: The Hidden Goodness in Lifes Painful Experiences is a workshop that introduces attendees on how to embrace the process in order to transform their limiting beliefs tied to adverse or traumatic events.
Marica Phipps, a nationally recognized speaker and survivor for domestic abuse, candidly shares her life-altering, near-fatal experience with domestic violence. In addition to domestic abuse, Ms. Phipps discusses her experience with other traumatic experiences such as loss/grief, depression and addiction.

Workshop Title: Moving beyond the bars to reduce recidivism! Let’s not look at the “what is”- Let’s look at the “what if!”
Presenter(s): Dr. Robin Jones, PhD, PMO office, Inc.
Description: Let’s talk ‘what if’. What if an education was given to those waiting to exit the system? What if that education was a vocational training? What if that education was a college degree? What if the education was an industry certification in technology? A program is not effective without a program plan. This workshop will include program guides and materials to roll these programs out to the prisons to meet the needs of halfway houses and other community service centers for our prison population, soon to be citizens within their communities. There will be commu- nications plans, marketing plans, and institutional plans to assist with the development and implementation of this training program.

Workshop Title: Addiction, Incarceration, and the Change Process
Presenter (s): Lamont Sapp, Regional Recovery Services Administrator, Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services
Description: This presentation will focus on the progression of addictive and criminal behavior, incarceration, the need for treatment and ongoing recovery support during and after incarceration. This presentation will be interactive, allowing for the exchange of ideas and information. The presenter will facilitate an environment and conversation that focuses on how to better serve the chemically dependent and criminally involved population, to increase the probability for a successful transition back to the community.

Workshop Title: Integrity is the Foundation to Credibility
Presenter(s): James A. White Sr., CEO (Lead Trainer) Performance Consulting Services
Description: The greatest challenge to our societal stability growth and development is that of structural/ systemic racism. The inability to recognize and understand the impact that behaviors have had on our society is an egregious offense to societal growth, equity, and dignity to the oppressed, the oppressor, and those who are committed to anti-racism. This presentation will create the foundation for advocating transparent justice and accountability in the criminal justice system by creating the foundation for culturally competent service in the execution of the duties and re- sponsibilities of law enforcers. We will unpack the historical mindset of the USA since 1619 and how it has manifested behaviors that has not always been equitable, supportive, and inclusive to all populations, thus validating the need for integrity and credibility.

Workshop Title: Gender Differences in Confinement: Effective Engagement with Male and Female Populations
Presenter(s): Ramona Wheeler, VP-Support Services/PREA Coordinator, Alvis, Inc.
Description: The concept of Mars and Venus in the Workplace provides guidance for effective workplace communication between men and women. When gender differences are understood, communication improves, and positive working relationships increases. This workshop will use real examples in correctional facilities, statistics of sexual abuse in confinement facilities, and benchmarks for combining trauma-informed approach with gender-specific communication techniques when engaging with victims of sexual abuse. This will enable correctional staff to utilize learned concepts in gender-specific communication techniques to have more knowledge and shape their engagement with inmates, accord- ingly. Attendees will identify communication breakdowns and participate in group exercises to help them to understand this important factor in developing positive rapport and maximizing effectiveness of PREA-related investigations.

Workshop Title: Emerging Paradigm for Prison and Reentry Ministry
Presenter(s): Dr. Michael Davis, Religious Services, ODRC and Reba Collins, Director, All in Community Initiative, United Methodist Church
If we truly believe that God is at work creating anew in the midst of a society impacted by a global pandemic, then what new paradigm for Prison and Reentry Ministry is forming? Join Dr. Mike Davis, Religious Services Administrator for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, and Reba Collins, All In Community Director for the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, as they walk through the emerging collaboration needed to appropriately position chaplains, faith-based partners, community members and justice- involved church ministry servants in a restorative continuum of care where restorative and racial justice are central to ministry. This session will help you expand your efforts beyond a particular place for ministry to a comprehensive approach for ministry rooted in restorative practices for “doing justice.”

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