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Reducing youth violence through positive transformation
  • Getting to know the background of the Executive Director of the Positive Influence Team (PIT) Stan Ross
  • The background and mission of PIT
  • Learn about the Process of Transformation and The Power of Your Circle of Influence
  • The Group Coaching & Mentoring Program
  • The Criminal Justice System (Federal Prison & State Juvenile System)

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Stan is the Executive Director of the Positive Influence Team (PIT), helping to build relationships with youth and adults by shifting them towards a constructive and fulfilling lifestyle through positive transformation, personal development, education, awareness, and engagement. Stan provides group mentoring and coaching to those transitioning from confinement back into the community. He focuses on client’s strengths and helps them find their inner power to succeed and move forward. Stan also provides relationship training to offender/Probation Officers to bridge the communication gap.

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Brought to you by J.C. Cooley Foundation “Equipping the Youth of Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow”.

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